Medcan Clinic Preferred Client Program

Clients of Comprehensive Benefit Solutions will enjoy preferred pricing for Medcan Clinic services, including their (Executive) Comprehensive Health Assessment and their Wellness Program.  Geared to your Executive team, these proactive healthcare services provide peace-of-mind to both your Executives and your organization.

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Medcan’s flagship service is their Comprehensive Health Assessment which includes 12-15 sophisticated diagnostic tests, all performed at one location within a single 5-hour visit. During your Assessment, your physician will spend an hour to understand your medical history, conduct a thorough medical exam and synthesize the results of the diagnostic on-site tests that Medcan will conduct.  Medcan’s objectives are to not only pick up early signs of disease, but also to give you a strategy to improve your health. When you meet with your physician at the end of your Comprehensive Health Assessment, after discussing your test results you will work together to determine the best way to maintain or improve your health, and the changes you can make to help get there.

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Wellness Program

Many Medcan Clients count on the Wellness Clinic to monitor their health year-round. That’s because Medcan provides the same exemplary care and service you experience during your Comprehensive Health Assessment, 365 days a year.  Since many of the services provided year-round are not covered by OHIP, Medcan offers customized plans for individuals and families. The annual membership fee covers all uninsured services related to appointments at the Wellness Clinic. With the Medcan Family Plan, you, your partner and any children aged 5 to 29 can all receive care at Medcan under one membership.

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For more information about the CBS Preferred Pricing Arrangements, please contact your CBS Consultant.


About Medcan Clinic


Medcan is Canada’s largest executive healthcare clinic.  For over 25 years, Medcan has been dedicated solely to preventative medicine and wellness.  With more than 60 physicians and specialists, Medcan offers a variety of leading-edge screening and diagnostic tests on site through their Comprehensive Health Assessment (“Executive Medical”), an extensive Executive Health Program, as well as unique risk assessment and prevention programs in Men’s Health, Genetics and Cardiology. For individuals interested in health optimization, they also offer a range of wellness services, including the largest Personal Fitness Studio in Toronto.